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  1. high price

    • KK[haɪ praɪs]
    • DJ[hai prais]


    • ph.
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    • 中翻英(Artificially high prices)

      Artificially high prices人為的高價格 The high price of diamonds... Beers has managed to keep prices artificially high. 通過嚴格控制開採和鑽石的分佈,德比爾(De...

    • 想問一個英文問題

      despite high price the trip is ,to experience it is worth 這句話的文法跟表達有問題...句子有雙動詞錯誤(兩個is), 逗號位置也錯誤. 正確寫法是: Despite high price, the trip is worth experecing. 儘管費用很高,這行程仍值得去體驗。 be worth...

    • Give me the idea of En. issue

      ...those prescriptions for Acid-Ease could because of its high price. We all know that people have some kind of psychology thinking that higher...