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    • 品格高尚的
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    • 急尋求協助翻譯心理學相關英文文章,非常感謝

      ... in which you can resolve this: 有幾種方法可以解答 1.ask your higher mind to heal the issue for you 1. 問你的更高的腦袋 幫你喻合你的問題 2.ask, before...

    • Why'd You Only Call ..High中文歌詞

      ... I'm trying to change your mind, 而我還在努力改變妳的心意 Left you multiple ...訊息 Why'd you only call me when you're high? 為何妳只在妳很high時候才call我? High high ...

    • 到底是high還是hight阿??

      ...政府的高級官員。 6. (時節)正盛的;(時機)成熟的[B] It is high time you made up your mind. 你該拿主意了。 7. 高尚的,崇高的 Washington is a man of high...