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    • 高壓的,高氣壓的,壓制的施以高壓,強迫
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    • high pressure liquid chromatog

      ...unique identifying characteristic of a given analyte. The use of pressure increases the linear velocity (speed) giving the components less...

    • 介+pressure

      (1) under high pressure 可解釋為 在高壓狀態 / 環境下 with high pressure 可解釋為 藉由 / 使用高壓...的確有些差別 (2) S is the process of forcing Sth under high pressure into the Sth. 此句中的 under high pressure 為形容詞片語, 修飾前面的 ...

    • hydraulic testing maching 中文是?

      ... testing Machine 液壓試驗機 This is a high pressure precision hydraulic testing machine ( the highest test pressure can be ...