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  1. highly-coloured

    • 色彩鮮亮的;添枝加葉的
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    • 毒物學期刊翻譯 英翻中

      第二個方面是在氧化劑和抗氧劑。氧化重音可能導致一些老化的癌症、動脈硬化, 和不利影響。抗氧劑是損傷的最佳的保護者由易反應的氧氣種類造成(ROS) 。最有效的抗氧劑被發現在高度色的水果和蔬菜譬如紅蘿蔔, 蕃茄, 和莓果, 叫做類胡蘿蔔素。黃酮類化合物(多酚), 否定...

    • recently acquired有關副詞的問題

      Although the graphics department ............ acquired a color printer, it has already submitted a request for another one. (A} highly 高度地 (B) usually 通常地 (C) recently 最近地 (D) entirely 完全...

    • 英文信件修飾文

      ...price of with color non-woven cloth, as well provide the samples for each color? We look forward to a long-term and mutual benefical relationship in the short future. Your early reply will be highly appreciated. .... 你是第一次要跟他們做生意嗎? 如果是的話要先介紹...