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    • 請問 下文的內容中最後一句怎翻恰當?

      ... last year, according to the industry, sickening 1,238 people—but highly contagious illnesses are like crippling engine fires in that they...

    • 急~~英文能力強的幫幫我吧!

      ...主動 且不定詞與be 動詞不好放在一起 2.D.....(A)how to control this highly contagious disease是主詞 且此為一種措施 不是事務(B)(C)文意不合 3....

    • 推甄英文面試翻譯

      ..., in order for me to accomplish my goal, a school full with highly contagious study sprite and an outstanding school faculty like this very school possess ...