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  1. highly-paid

    • 高收入的
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    • 英文中的形容詞組成與文法?

      ...並理解意思後留心寫法結構來仿照學習。 第二問題 psychically challenged highly paid 當中的第一詞已經是"形容動詞"XXXLY的副詞詞性,因此不會用...

    • 英文改錯不知哪裡錯了

      ... children are far great than the financial rewards of highly-paying career. 第二個劃線部份錯了, 要變成far greater (加er在great後面), 因為...

    • 請各位會翻的幫一下~感謝

      ...airline pilot is the best occupation in the world because a pilot is highly-paid and can travel everywhere he flies for work's sake. Despite crash possibility...