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    high net
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    • 急求財務管理高手解決此題目(贈送20點)

      ...000,000 (3)Intuitively , which firm would you expected to have the higher net profit at 200,000units of production? Why? Rundle will have higher...

    • email的英文唸法..

      ...的話, ("h", "i", "n", "t", )== 就直接唸成 "high net" 即可, 台灣人應該會懂. 對老外的話, 就只好一個字母一個字母地唸出來了...

    • 第一次要寫英文論文need help!

      ... to prevent noise pollution, for instance, establishing a high net can prevent some of the dust from falling down to buildings which ...