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    hike up

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    • 關於機票漲價的英文翻譯

      The air fare of Cathy Pacific is going to hike up NT$ 200 approximately. We suggest you consider to fly with Eva ...

    • 麻煩國貿英文高手幫忙翻譯解釋謝謝

      ... expect the prices of raw materials are going to hike up again and we may therefore have to adjust up our prices in October...

    • 翻譯一句英文翻不順

      Generally the opposite applies for chinese people 但這句英文是否寫成這樣比較順? Generally the opposite "applies to" chinese people 一般來說, 相反的(上文提及過的某件事/東西)會應用於中國人身上. 根據牛津字典的字面翻譯: apply= 應用; 使用; 適用於 apply...