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    • 徒步旅行
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    • (英文) paint 介係詞 以及 hike 單詞問題

      ...所以"yellow"前無須再加介係詞。 We are going to hiking. 跟 We are going to hike. 這兩句的 hiking 以及 hike...

    • Salary Hike的意思?

      Salary hike=加薪 ”All Government Employees Get Salary... are projected to reward employees with an average pay hike of 10.9% next year.

    • Hiking the cost

      請問Hiking the cost是否意味成本急速拉高? 是的 Hiking在美國口說 是指急劇地提高物價 2008-09-30 19:46:29 補充: Hiking在美國口語英文 是指急劇地提高物價