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    • 小山,丘陵,小土堆作成土堆,堆成小丘
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    • hill與mountain的使用問題

      (1)on the side of a hill:-singular; The house is built on the side of a hill. =higer high as a mountain. (2)in the hills:- I like walking in the hills. (=in the area where there are hills) Always take care when ...

    • a hill of beans 何意思? see a shooting star, make a wish.You may not even end up with a hill of beans, but it's still fun to do anyway. 下回看到流星時,許個願...

    • 請問Sekia Hills的中文叫什麼?

      セキアヒルズ(Sekia Hills)位於熊本縣玉名郡南關町 賽道全名為セキアヒルズ...亜(a) 不過這樣怕會與本意相違(雖然不知道本意為何) Hills→山丘 這倒是沒什麼問題的 So 西奇亞...