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  1. hint at

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    • 1. 暗示... What are you hinting at? 你在暗示什麼?



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    • 形容詞子句與插入句

      ...子句的述部,提供條件。 who actually are gald to hear from you and don't hint at being upset 才是[形容詞子句],用來修飾先行詞ones。 後面的that...

    • 「十分逼近法」的英文嗎?

      ...of Cnidus (about 375 BC); and Aristotle (about 330 BC) hinted at it in his Topics, 158b, 29-35. The algorithm does not require...

    • 請幫我看看英文作文並提出建議

      ...woman penetrated the silence. She glanced at her dog, hinting at it to bite the unexpected guest. However, the dog was licking the...