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  1. hip measurement

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    • 關於腰臀圍測量的英文寫作 the level of the umbilicus, with the measurement taken at the maximum exhail. Hip measurement was the hip circumference measured at the level of the largest...

    • 關於衣服丈量的英文問法:

      Dude, you need to trust this to American princess: a few measurements are important in fashions: for tops/t-shirt 1. bust 2. waist 3. Hips 4. hollow to hips (front length) - from bottom of neck to hips 5. shoulder...

    • 要寄信給商店問自己的尺寸, 請幫我翻譯內容

      ...that you could give me an suggestion, What size should fit with my measurement above? Thank you. P.S. 以下這個網站有一些關於尺寸的說明...