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  1. hippopotami

    • hippopotamus的名詞複數
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    • 英文題目 求解...!! 謝謝!!~

      While the hippopotamus may look like a very gentle animal, it is actually quite dangerous. In fact... and only attack when they are threatened. The hippopotamus spends most of the day sleeping in the mud. During the night...

    • 看到陌生單字 如何知道怎麼唸 speak English with no accent at all. eg. How to pronounce "hippopotamus" when you first see the word. Go from left to right with an additional...

    • 請中翻英以下幾個單字~~

      1.鯨魚 whale 2.河馬 hippopotamus(或較常說的 hippo) 3.鱷魚 crocodile 4.梅花鹿 spotted dear 5.牛(除了...shark 2009-11-09 20:22:34 補充: 你要發音的話 1鯨魚whale 威哦 2.河馬hippopotamus ㄏㄧ 、剖(ㄆㄡ)、趴、ㄊㄜ、摸斯(五個音節) 3.鱷魚 crocodile 誇可逮(ㄉ...