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    hit out at

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    • 介係詞用法的疑問

      ... by the police. * I had to restrain her from hitting out at passers-by. * They have obtained an injunction restraining...

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      後: 愛爾蘭流行音樂明星RONAN KEATING 駁回了他被設置為團聚與他的前帶BOYZONE 的最近新聞猜想。 1999 年我為原因hitmakers 分裂的愛當Keating 獨奏去, 但他是在巨大壓力下近幾個月來團聚普遍的帶。 在星期天(08JAN06...

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      ... very much. D.Cindy could only go out at day. 2009-01-31 00:11:53 補充: 2 It is...01-31 00:12:15 補充: Just imagine being hit by a car when you do not have a helmet on.You can...