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  1. hit the sack

    • ph.
      go to bed
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    • ph.
      go to bed

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      很晚睡Hit the sack very late最近很晚才睡,因為功課很多,趕不完I ... on my homework too much. 那是新聞英文的簡報作業The homework was a brief of English news.要剪剪貼貼...

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      ...home last night. Exhausted after getting my luggage set, I hit the sack right ahead. If you call me via skype, is it possible for me...

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      ...完成式 要用will就要把will改成would 3. a b 皆可, hit the hay 【俚】上床睡覺 ; hit the sack 就寢 4.我會選a. you lost me 因為 lose有個意思是 6. To fail to...