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    • 幫我修改英文文法>”

      Hitch a ride, [does] it sound exciting and interesting[?] This was [what] I never... took break and ate lunch. But when we returned to Tainan[,] we need to hitch a ride. It's very exciting. We only [have] three hours have to finish this mission. ...

    • 請問tie the knot的由來?

      We're getting hitched. 我們要結婚了。 I've decide to quit the bachelors...'ve decided to start a family and a new life together. 我們決定要一起組織家庭並展開新的生活了。

    • 各位大大這篇中翻英有沒有問題 可以幫我訂正成正確的嗎謝謝囉

      ...gradually, she fell for him. 愛情顧問事件曝光,兩人戀情就此停住,後來HITCH解釋清楚,ALLEGRA對ALBER誤解化開,兩人便又墜入愛河 – don...