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  1. hitch up


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    • 什麼是hitched to ?

      ...hitched the cars.  他掛上了車廂。 3.急拉;急推;猛移  I hitched up my socks.  我把襪子往上拉起。 4.【口】搭便車  Let'...

    • 請教幾個英文單字(英翻中)

      thumbs-up ---n. 1. (表示讚賞的)翹拇指 2. 【口】贊成;准許 clear out ---1. 出空;清除 2. 【口】走開;趕走 hitch---vt.1. (用鉤,繩,圈等)鉤住;拴住 n.1. 鉤;拴;套 2. 急拉;急推;急動 3...

    • 幫我修改英文文法>”

      Hitch a ride, [does] it sound exciting and interesting[?] This was [what] I never... took break and ate lunch. But when we returned to Tainan[,] we need to hitch a ride. It's very exciting. We only [have] three hours have to finish this mission. ...