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  1. be unable to hold a candle to

    • ph.
      be not nearly as good as
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      be nearly as good as

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • ”no one holds a candle to you”

      no one holds a candle to you 意思是說 "沒有人比得上你" 比如:As a singer,I can...

    • 麻煩高手,英文五題---英翻中

      1. There is not a living artist who can hold a candle to Picasso. 現今還活著的藝術家,都差畢卡索太多了。(字面是:連替...

    • 請問一下Taking a business trip如何翻譯

      ...patient that he can take the trouble to polish the silverware up. (不厭其煩把銀器擦亮) 2. hold a candle to是個俚語,指「相提並論」 它源自古早時,西方的學徒在實習期間:老手在幹活...