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    hold an appointment

    • ph.
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    • 急~~翻譯!!!!!

      ...small to hold a memorial ceremony for, heavy to hold a memorial ceremony for in one year, hold a memorial ceremony for allusion quatation make an appointment in about half the tenth lunar month, lasting four days and three...

    • 哪一位英文比較好的人可以幫忙修改一下文章嗎?贈20點

      ... Manager. 9B: OK. Hold on, please. 9A: Thank you. 9B.... I’m sorry. We have an appointment on October 20th. But I have...

    • 好心人幫幫忙英文翻中文謝謝喽~

      ...可以幫忙的嗎? Kate: Well, I have an appointment on this coming Friday but I have...造成麻煩不好意思. Dr.'s assistant: Ok, hold on one second and let me check his...