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  1. hold back

    • ph.
      保留; 抑制;阻礙, 阻止, 阻擋; 控制, 限制
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    • ph.
    • 1. 保留; 抑制

      Nobody can hold back the wheel of history. 誰也無法阻止歷史車輪前進。

      He was so angry that he just couldn't hold back from telling them what he thought. 他是那樣氣憤, 以至無法克制自己不向他們講出自己的想法。

    • 2. 阻礙, 阻止, 阻擋; 控制, 限制

      He was held back from further promotion. 他沒得到進一步的升級。

      The police cordon was unable to hold back the crowd. 警方的警戒線阻擋不住人群。

    • 3. 退縮

      When danger came, no one held back. 危險降臨時, 無人退縮。

    • 4. 隱瞞

      Don't hold anything back. 別隱瞞什麼。


    保留; 抑制

    • ph. 扣住(或保留、抑制)某事物

    • hold back information 不走漏消息

      I think he's holding something back; he knows more than he admits. 我認為他有所隱瞞, 他知道的比他承認的要多。

    • ph. 阻止或妨礙某人的進步或發展

    • Do you think that mixed-ability teaching holds the brighter children back? 你認為混合能力組教學會阻礙聰明兒童的進步嗎?

    • ph. (因恐懼或不情願而在言行上)退縮, 躊躇

    • She held back, not knowing how to break the terrible news. 她躊躇著, 不知該怎樣宣布這一壞消息。

      She held back from telling him what she thought of him. 她要把自己對他的看法告訴他, 但又覺得難以啟齒。

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    • ph.
    • Jim was able to hold back his anger. 吉姆抑制住了憤怒。


    • ph.
    • Jim was able to hold back his anger. 吉姆抑制住了憤怒。
    • vt.
    • to hold sb. back from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

      to hold back a crowd 攔住人群

    • vi.
    • to hold back from signing a contract 猶豫著不簽合約

      I held back 我猶豫著

    • ph.

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