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  1. hold dear

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      【文】喜愛; 高度重視
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    • 1. 【文】喜愛; 高度重視

      I said farewell to those I hold dear. 我向我所喜愛的人們道別。

      the ideals we hold dear 我們極為珍惜的理想

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    • downfall of all they hold...??

      all (that) they hold dear : 所有他們所最珍視的東西 downfall:垮掉;崩解 downfall of all they hold dear 所有他們所最珍視的東西都崩解了。 (譬如土石洪流沖垮住屋,淹死兒女,一夕之間,造成 the downfall of all they hold dear)

    • 英文翻譯-Dear Life 歌詞翻譯!

      ...rea​​son it seems like you belong 沒有任何原因,只是你看起來屬於它 Hold on dear life 把握美好的生命 Don't go off running from what's due...

    • when you hit rock bottom...

      ... rock bottom is a saying when you lose everything in life that you hold dear or that you thought was important ex: some people hit rock bottom spiritually...