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  1. hold in check


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    • 1. 抑制 Please hold your voice in check. 請壓低嗓門。
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    • 為什麼要say as little as possible?

      ... a sensible strategy, but do it gently. 你可以多一點想像力,但是不要太積極 Hold the larger issues in check so that you don't lose your cool. 一直回到主要問題,這樣才不會失去...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯一下嗎?盡量忠於原味

      ...have declined for most countries for the last several years, held in check by increasing international competition from several low wage countries (2005...

    • 什麼是hold regular office hour?

      "he doesn't hold regular office hour in the summer." 意思是, 在夏天, 他的上班時間不像平常一樣...正常上班時間會有改變 說真的! 我還沒用過 "i'd like to check out" 說~~~ 這樣講起來好咬文嚼字 我最常用的就是 (如果是...