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  1. hold off

    • ph.
      (of bad weather) fail to occur;delay or postpone an action or decision
    • 釋義


    • 1. (of bad weather) fail to occur
    • 2. delay or postpone an action or decision
    • 3. resist an attacker or challenge
  2. 知識+

    • hold off中文翻譯是?

      ...的英語霸手機幫您查詢到以下的資料,您參考看看^^ Hold off 延遲,延後 1.If the rain holds off...到底 1.If our supply of food and water hold out, we plan to camp here for another week. However...

    • (急)hold off是什麼意思?

      ...動詞時,這兩個片語有不同的意思,並不是反義詞喔! hold off 1) vi./vt. 延遲 (某事),等到晚一點再做 例:...介面的,常在液晶上看到這幾個字,在此hold on 和 hold off 是反義詞。 多數電子用品都有hold的功能,也就是防止...

    • 英文hold的用法

      ... union held out for a 6% raise. (工會堅持百分之六的加薪。) 2. Hold off : A. 暫時不做....事情 It might be wise to hold off ...