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  1. hold on

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    • 1. 緊握 They held on in spite of the snow. 他們冒雪繼續前進。
    • 2. 不掛電話 Hold it on, please. 請別把電話掛上。
    • 3. 繼續 If he can just hold on a little longer, we can get help to him. 只要他再堅持一會兒, 我們就能給他幫助。 I'm pleased to find that you still hold on a correspondence with her. 我高興地發現你仍與她保持通信聯繫。
    • 4. 停下來 Hold on a minute while I get my breath back. 停一停, 讓我喘口氣。





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    • Keep Holding On 意思

      ... Lavigne的歌─Keep holding on? 正常的情形,Keep holding on...掛斷,暫等一下) verb: hold the phone line open Hold on, please! She asked me to hold...

    • 英文好的 幫忙翻譯一下jesse hold on

      ...所以在第4段中,才會叫潔西~要一再地堅持下去~,要堅強. Oh Jesse hold on (yeah, yeah, yeah e.oh! x4) Oh Jesse be strong 第5段中, top ...

    • wedont hold on過去式加ed?

      don't / didn't 後面要加原形動詞 RV如果句子中沒有don't僅用hold on當主詞,此時過去式變為held1.We hold on 現在式2.We don't hold on 現在否定3.We held on 過去式4.We didn't hold on 過去否定