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  1. hold out

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    • 1. 向外伸 He held out his hand in friendship when we were in great need of help. 在我們迫切需要幫助的時候, 他伸出了友誼之手。
    • 2. 提供 He says that he doesn't hold out much hope that our traffic trouble will improve. 他說, 他對我們的交通問題會有改善不抱多大希望。
    • 3. 維持; 堅持 How long can we hold out against these attacks? 我們對這些進攻能抵抗多久? The supplies will hold out till the end of the voyage. 供給品可以維持到航行結束。



    • ph.
      提供(機會); 帶來(希望); 使有(可能) The forthcoming talks hold out the hope of real arms reductions. 即將舉行的會談給實現真正的裁軍帶來了希望。 Doctors hold out little hope of her recovering. 醫生幫助她康復的希望甚微。
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      瞞著 she's holding out on you! 她一直瞞著你!
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      【口】故意拖延達成協議以謀求某事物 Union negotiators are holding out for a more generous pay settlement. 工會代表故意拖延談判以爭取達成大幅度增加工資的解決方案。
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      對(某事物)抱(一些)希望 The doctors held out no hope of recovery. 醫生們對痊愈不抱希望。
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    • ph.
      堅持 How long can we hold out? 我們能堅持多久?


    • ph.
      堅持 How long can we hold out? 我們能堅持多久?
    • vt.
      伸出; 遞出 to hold one's hand out for a cup 伸手去拿一個杯子 to hold out a cup to sb. 遞給某人一個杯子
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      1. Hold out : A. 伸出身體的某一部份 She helds out her...明晚為止。) C. 繼續抵抗、不放棄 We managed to hold out for three days against the enemy. ( 我們奮力抵抗敵人不退卻達三日之...

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      ...可分開片語動詞,之後若接名詞或代名詞為受詞,則意義與put off(延期)相同。 Hold out (1) 維持糧食;(2)支持到底 1.If our supply of food and water hold...

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      hold out for the best deal (談判場合中) 拖延不簽字以期獲得更佳條件 hold out: 堅持 (談判場合中, 拖延不簽字以期獲得更佳條件), 當動詞用.