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  1. hold out for

    • vt.
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      【口】故意拖延達成協議以謀求某事物 Union negotiators are holding out for a more generous pay settlement. 工會代表故意拖延談判以爭取達成大幅度增加工資的解決方案。
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    • hold out for the best deal

      hold out for the best deal (談判場合中) 拖延不簽字以期獲得更佳條件 hold out: 堅持 (談判場合中, 拖延不簽字以期獲得更佳條件), 當動詞用.

    • 英文hold的用法

      ...明晚為止。) C. 繼續抵抗、不放棄 We managed to hold out for three days against the enemy. ( 我們奮力抵抗敵人不退卻達三日之久...

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      There's little point in holding out for a bumper pay rise if your employer has seen its annual...