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    • 英文hold的用法

      .... 沒有發生 The rain held off, and the barbecue went ahead as planned. ( 風雨暫歇,烤肉得以照常舉行。) 3. Hold over A. 延期 The wedding ceremony...

    • hold off中文翻譯是?

      ...動詞,之後若接名詞或代名詞為受詞,則意義與put off(延期)相同。 Hold out (1) 維持糧食;(2)支持到底 out of:用光,耗盡 (2) give up:放棄 hold over 延長、延期 1.Yhey are going...

    • 幾種延期的英文如何區分

      ... the matter until it was almost too late. table (???) put off: same as postpone hold over: 原先要停止的事被延長了(如電影下檔日期) The film was held...