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    hold someone's hand

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    • 誰可以幫我翻譯這首歌的歌詞 Mary Says 王力宏

      ... can´t disagree But how can I hold on to someone who´s leaving me? 自從...這件事 她不再愛我了 I could shake your hand or I could kiss you goodbye But I just...

    • Take me to your heart 英翻中 謝謝

      ... heart 把我帶入你心裡 take me to your soul 與你的靈魂相伴 give me your hand and hold me 给我你的手抓住我 show me what love is 問情為何物 be my guiding star...

    • Chinese homework help!

      ...course taught by "hand hold hand" method hand hold hand means the teacher uses his own hand to hold the student's hand to teach how to do the work. In old times, in China, parent sometimes hold young...