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  1. hold someone/something off

    • ph.
      resist an attacker or challenge
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    • 狄克森片語 超急!!!!!

      ...21 get lost迷路 hold still靜止 know someone by sight僅識其面 something/nothing the matter有問題/沒問題 bring up教育/提出 hold up搶劫/耽誤 run away不告而別/溜掉 run errands出差/跑腿 see off送別 set fire to放火 take another person...

    • 閱讀英文文章時,搭配詞與一些詞語往往讓我摸不著頭緒?

      ...amount etc that it used to be = reduce你的文章中應是指[減少] 2. a way off = (1) a long time in the future; (2) a long distance away 你的文章應是選第一個解釋[還要等很久] 3. to hold/keep someone or something in check = to control someone or something that might caues damage or harm你的文章...

    • George Michael 的faith

      ...emotion Time to pick my heart up off the floor And when that love ...foolish notion Well I need someone to hold me But I'll wait for something more Yes I've gotta have...