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  1. hold the man

    • ph.
      commit the offence of holding on to an opposing player who is not in possession of the ball
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    • 要考全民英檢但聽力不好,懇請聽力好的朋友解題

      ...newspaper. 這位婦女正拿著報紙 (B) The man is holding a hat. 這位男人正拿著一頂帽子 (C...是的. 5. 題旨: Where is the restaurant she told us about? ...

    • 請幫我翻譯下面英文 贈點

      ...contest starts from women holding the female side of rope and men holding the male side of rope. It is obvious that men has more power...

    • 英文翻譯 電影the package 對話

      to keep/hold somebody/something at bay 意思是不讓somebody/something 靠近/發生, 通常是指敵人或是不好的事情. 試著翻譯如下: You can keep the man in black at bay for only so long. 你不讓這個穿黑衣服的人靠近的時間也只能...