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  1. hold thumbs

    • ph.
      fold one's fingers over one's thumb to bring good luck
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    • thumbs up這個片語的thumb為什麼要加s呢?

      ...would look to the crowd and follow their instructions. If people hold out their “thumbs”, he knows he has the approval of the people and he would proceed to...

    • 翻譯^^不要線上翻譯 會怪怪的 1<小急>15點

      ...people in Taiwan and other Chinese cultures use just one hand, holding up thumb and little finger; but most English-speaking people need two hands...

    • chopsticks

      我們用右手的大拇指和食指、中指握住筷子。 確實,也有人用左手拿筷子。 然後,我們用筷子夾住食物,將之放進口中。