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  1. hold to


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    • 1. 堅持 Whatever your argument, I shall hold to my decision. 不管你怎樣爭辯,我將堅持我的決定。
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    • hold him to that要怎麼解釋比較好?

      版主您好, Hold [someone] to [something] 的意思是 Make [someone] keep a promise [to do...零用錢兩個月。 此時,他父母就可以回答: "We will hold you to that." 簡單的解釋,希望對您有幫助。 2009-03-04 02...

    • 請問堅持的英文怎麼拼

      請問他們有何不同 holdby hold out hold to hold by something : 強調承諾之類的堅持to stick by a promise...reach or satisfy an agreement.拒絕達到共識或滿意所協議的 hold to To remain loyal or faithfulto: She held...

    • hold on to the handle 是什麼意思呢?

      Get a grip is correct. But it means more than physical grip such as grip onto something on a bus or subway. It also could mean get a grip on your life, meaning face your life's reality and do something about it.