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    • 孔,洞,穴,漏洞挖洞,掘坑進洞,鑿洞
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    • 英文片語 ace in the hole

      ...在刀刃上。這樣就産生了下面我們要講的兩個習慣用語。第一個是:ace in the hole。Ace in the hole這個習慣用語來自一種撲克遊戲。每人發五張牌,四...

    • Hole與Opening的分別

      hole KK: [] DJ: [] n. (名詞 noun)[C] 1. 洞;破洞;孔眼[(+in)] There is a hole in the wall. 牆上有一個洞。 2. (動物的)洞穴,窩 3. 狹小的住處;地牢 4...

    • How big is the black hole

      Black hole classifications class mass... backyard. 2012-01-22 14:30:50 補充: Well, it is a black hole for those bunnies went in but never came out. 2012-01-22 22...