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  1. hole in one


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    • 1. 【高爾夫】一杆進洞 For those who like to play golf, if they are lucky enough to achieve a hole in one, they will most likely hold a big celebration. 喜歡打高爾夫的人,若幸運地達成了一杆進洞的夢想,通常都會大大地慶祝。
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    • 英文笑話數則~

      1.Hole in One: There was an American man that had... with. One of them made a hole in one. He yelled, "TROU FAUX,...

    • *文法中不懂hole為什麼要加s?* wants to give him a job because his shoes have a hole in one of them. 因為他的鞋子其中一雙有一個破洞, 所以沒有人給他工作...

    • 請問有哪些比較好的英文用法? 20

      an ace in the hole 最後王牌 burn a hole in one's pocket 花錢如流水 take care of = look after 照顧 face the music 面對現實... to = due to = as a result of = thanks to 因為... on the whole = in general 大體上 be in a rush/hurry 趕時間 forever and ever 永遠 take...for ...