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  1. homing ability


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    • 這句英文問題點

      ...補充: I might go home at 6:00 (possibility only) I will be able to go home at 6:00 (ability only) 2014-01-26 11:56:09 補充: Yes, master LionEnglish! ...

    • 句子裡one-story的中翻和另一句子的完整中譯?

      1.They live alone in a one-story home in a suburb. 她們一家獨自住在郊區的一樓住宅中. 2.How does the presence of a left homonymous hemianopsia affect Penny`s ability to complete reading and other daily living activities? 左偏視...

    • 請大家幫我翻譯一段英文句子,是有關教育的,謝謝

      ...種期待.demonstrated = 過去已經顯現或表現出的,這裡作證明的意思.ability = 能力youngster = 年輕人skills and understanding that they could not have acquired at home = 他們在家裡所無法獲得的技能及理解 (領會) 程度have led = 導致了expectation...