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  1. homologous recombination


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    • 想請問 有關基因重組問題

      ... genetic map is a map based on the frequencies of recombination between markers during crossover of homologous chromosomes. Relationship: The greater the frequency...

    • 急需翻譯..謝謝大家..請幫我英文轉中文 通順

      相同染色體交換形成經由同源重組與核糖核甘酸還原脢抑制物相互作用。 我們在中國蒼鼠細胞株SPD8/V79作同源重組和染色體交換分析五種化學物(烴基尿hydroxyurea,白藜蘆醇resveratrol,4氫氧根對二苯代乙烯4-hydroxy-trans-stilbene,3氫氧根對二苯代乙烯3-hydroxy...

    • SPEECH TO TEXT 打出演講 贈20點!!內洽.

      ... a double strand break created on one of the homologous (pass) and then the ( ) had coming and here. And we talked about how we can get recombination or not as one of these result ( or resolve). So in...