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  1. honeymoon couple

    • n.
      a newly married couple on their honeymoon
    • noun: honeymoon couple, plural noun: honeymoon couples

    • 釋義


    • 1. a newly married couple on their honeymoon Shimla offers itself as a paradise for honeymoon couples
  2. 知識+

    • 高職英文一問 (文法題)

      你好:D 這個問題的答案是 (A) to spend 喔! What the couple hope for is ___ their honeymoon in Europe. (A) to spend (B) spends (C) spent...

    • 中文翻譯加英文翻譯

      ... Hawaiian (Sheraton) is the most ideal hotel for the honeymoon couple. With the Spanish palace style design in pink, it fits the atmosphere...

    • 英文中翻英 明天要交急

      ... are more expensive accommodation but an ideal and more romantic place for honeymoon couples. 現在也越來越多人選擇在峇里島辦一個海外婚禮,不只浪漫特別更是一輩子...