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  1. hope chest


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    • 超急!請英文高手幫忙中翻英翻譯(20點)文不長求精確

      ... yourself and pass on the baton to the next generation. The hope of buds are sturdily thriving. Stick out your chest and raise your powerful shoulders. In this turbulent time...

    • 翻譯看看可以翻順一點嗎!!?

      ... half a can of chili and put the rest in the small ice chest beneath the steps. It wasn’t cold, because... to his touch than the air. He hoped the chili would keep. 他吃了半罐的紅番椒後將剩下的...

    • 英文劇本 中翻英 急~20點

      ...long time. By the way, I have pain in my chest and abdomen. Dr.: That sounds really..., I’ll give you some medicine yet. Hope you’ll feel better. A: No problem...