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  1. horned toad

    • n.
      an American lizard that somewhat resembles a toad, with spiny skin and large spines on the head, typically occurring in dry open country.;a large toad with horn-shaped projections of skin over the eyes.
    • noun: horned toad, plural noun: horned toads

  2. 知識+

    • 想找一些特別的動物英文單字 O_O

      starfish=海星 ostrich=駝鳥 octopus=章魚 moose=麋;北美麋 snail=蝸牛 horned toad=角蟾 sting ray=【動】鰩;魟魚 earthworm=蚯蚓 blue whale=藍灰色大鬚鯨 king snake...