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  1. horrible

    • IPA[ˈhɒrɪb(ə)l]


    • adj.
      causing or likely to cause horror; shocking;very unpleasant
  2. 知識+

    • terrible and horrible

      恐怖電影一般都用 horror movie or scary movie, 而不是horrible movie 如果說it's a horrible movie一般都是有這部電影很爛的意思, 而不是很恐怖...

    • 歌喉讚裡面的台詞(Ly horrible) wrong, it shall be: You Girls Are Awesome-ly Horrible, Kill Yourselves Girl Power. Hopefully, the...

    • 請幫我改作文A Horrible Experinece

      其實你寫得很好了!對自己要有信心,不要被别人影响,反而越改越錯哦! 下面幾点供你参考: 1. But I found out I was definitely wrong last summer vacation. 改爲:I found out I was definitely wrong last summer. But...