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    • 好的文章,限英文,文法盡量簡單,要有翻譯

      ...請不要騙點數樓上的... North general the warehouse grain occupies six horses 12 soldiers to wait for your presence Chinese violin north related the heroic...

    • 英文句型練習

      1) A horse without grass is a horse killed. 2) A baby without milk is a baby hungered. 3) A soldier without weapon is a soldier wounded. 4) A man without love is a man hurt.

    • 英文片語翻譯(現代引用)

      ...九命怪貓 2010-02-17 22:04:09 補充: 6.don't put the cart before the horse 別本末倒製. 美國總統歐巴馬有引用過. 7.the blood of the soldiers make the glory of general 一個成功的將軍是很多軍人的血所成就的. 8....