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  1. horses

    • horse的名詞複數
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    • white horse歌詞英翻中(急)

      white horse Say you`re sorry 你說你很抱歉 That face of an angel...是一個喜歡幻想的人 Now it too late for you and your white horse to come around. 現在你想回心轉意帶上你的白馬回到我身邊已太遲了...

    • 請問think like a horse是什麼意思

      To think like a horse –嘗試站在馬的角度去想(馴馬師騎馬術的訓練) This is...unfamiliar circumstance at all cost and may inflict his own injury. To think like horse is to understand what they are afraid of, provide guidance to them...

    • 關於 horse~~

      這就像誇飾法 我可以吃掉一隻馬 因為馬本身非常大隻 所以就表示是大胃王意思 就跟英文的片語差不多 就像cold fish 意思不是很冷的魚 其實意思是在形容沒有熱情的人 上面內容供你參考~~ ^ ^