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    • 最簡單簡短的單字翻譯

      1.abandon: to give up 2.keen: eager 3.jealous: hostile to a rival 4.tact: the ability to deal with others without..., or planning 10.unaccustomed:not used to something 11.bachelor:an unmarried man 12.qualify:to fit or...

    • 不友善的英文怎麼拼??急需~

      ...unfriendly to others. 那老太婆對他人不友善. The dog is hostile to strangers. 這隻狗對陌生人不友善(懷有敵意). 希望有幫助 2010-11-17...

    • 一些英文文法問題2

      ...是「兩者中較xx那一個」, 是特定含意, 所以必須加the. 5.He is hostile to me. He thinks of me as his enemy. 意思?為何...