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  1. hot and bothered


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    • 1. 【口】氣沖沖的;煩惱的;不安的 She got all hot and bothered because her sister spoiled her new dress. 她妹妹弄壞了她的新衣,她怒氣沖沖的。 Don't get hot and bothered -- I'll be able to start the car in a moment. 別急,我馬上就可以把車發動。
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      up and down black and blue bed and breakfast day and night black and white cat-and-dog cat-and mouse high and mighty lo and behold hot and bothered hot and heavy hot and strong time and again clean and jerk you and yours

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      ...such an idiot on the way. Damn it! Let's go! Don't be bothered. 2. The service is provided by genuine hot and spicy girls in their shop. This is different from ...

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      ... thing I want to do is to talk to you and you are my mental counselor. When I feel...a good thing(idea), because I don’t know when I can bother you(you are free) (maybe yo