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    I like hot weather best

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    • Dog days!!!

      ...(狗的日子),英文的原意是,"period of very hot weather (July and August)",「非常熱的一段...只要形容炎熱的一天,而不是一時期,可以用︰a very hot day;a baking-hot day;a boiling hot day...

    • 為何要用there will be

      When hot weather comes there will be a renewal of interest in swimming. 當熱天氣來到...

    • 這兩句中翻英妥當嗎?

      ...你應該要試著習慣炎熱的天氣。 You should try to get used to this hot weather. 你要習慣這炎熱的天氣 You need to get used to this hot weather or...