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    • 小時,鐘頭,時間,…點鐘,課時
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    • half an hour

      1.half an hour (O) 2. an half hour (X) ==> a half hour 3. half hours (X) ==> half hour "half an hour" and "a half hour" are all used commonly...

    • one hours 冠詞

      ... have "a", "an", or "the" in front of "one hour" or "two hours". However, in some situation you can, for...

    • two hours later和after two hour

      通常 two hours later, 是用在敘述過去發生的事情時, 如說故事或自己的事, 是指 '...39;, 且通常之前已有敘述另一件事, 是在那另一件事之後的兩小時後. in two hours 就是 after two hours, 但正確的英文是不用after two hours 的. 例如...