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  1. house magazine

    • n.
      a magazine published by a company to be read by its employees and dealing mainly with its own activities.
    • noun: house magazine, plural noun: house magazines

  2. 知識+

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      ... does have a new house. = 鮑伯有一間新房子。 a/new/have/does/house 4. My mother reads a magazine at nine in the evening. = 我媽媽晚上九點的時候在看一本雜誌。 mother...

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      ...library where I usually go to has many kinds of books and magazines. The house where he lives is very big and expensive. The chair which ...

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      Two magazines recently listed the best cities to live...個世界上最適合居住中的兩個城市。That's why housing is often very expensive.那也就是為什麼房價通常那麼...