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  1. house organ

    • IPA[ˈhous ˌôrɡən]
    • n.
      a periodical published by a company to be read by its employees and other interested parties and dealing mainly with its own activities.
    • noun: house organ, plural noun: house organs

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      ... a loan from the government. occupy佔領/ The house occupies a large space. occur發生 / A flood ...壓迫 / She stands up for the oppressed. organ器官/The heart is one of the body's vital...

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      ...我把他當成一般對話來翻了,參考一下吧。 1. When entering houses, you need to put your shoes and wear slippers. 2. Taiwanese eat animal guts, organs, snakes and so on. 3. Many girls in little dressing...

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      ..., or values Examples: The house has been expanded and remodeled...especially : unity b. union between similar plant parts or organs c. molecular attraction by which the particles of a...