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    • 1. 家用錢 She spent all the housekeeping money on a new coat. 她把家用錢全用來買新衣了。
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    • 改正我的英文作文文法

      ...but selecting outsourcing in housekeeping can assist the hotel (to) save money. Some researchers... addition, using outsourcing housekeeping staff(s) could keep costs down...

    • 求英文高手英翻中

      ...驚嘆“妳從哪裡得到那些?” Q6:So every week out of the money you have given me for housekeeping A6:正是你每個星期給我的家用開支。 Q7:I have...

    • 不好意思..有沒有英文高手可以幫我改這篇作文....20點 people do any thing. For example the robot can do housekeeping all the day very easily without exhausting energy too...the same time. More than that you can save a lot of money, without paying the salary to them, and enjoy...