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  1. housing estate


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    • 什麼是Housing estate?

      A housing estate is a medium-to-low 01.density 02.residential area, usually...houses 08.associated with the industrial revolution, housing estates usually 09.feature 10.detached or 11.semi-...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯這個英文住址嗎?

      Dear ^^ 請香港朋友幫忙看了一下。翻議如下: 香港沙田廣源邨  但後面的PIN HOUSE可能是社區的名字 所以朋友不清楚 希望這樣的資料能夠幫上忙喔 祝好~

    • 關於英文句子翻譯,請幫忙一下

      ... from entering and no pet is allowed in the housing estates for this would affect the living environment. 4. Noise control should be...